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The story behind the HOOF

Helpers Of Our Farm

Helpers Of Our Farm is a nonprofit organization centered around education and providing a sanctuary for rescued, donated, and in-need farm animals. We are located in Bolivia, NC and provide a unique and powerful educational and emotional connection between visitors and our farm animals.

Our Programs

Helpers Of Our Farm provides many educational outlets for all ages of the community.


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As a not-for-profit facility, HOOF relies on generous philanthropic support from individuals, families, corporations and foundations.

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Average costs to provide care for our animals
$25 – Feeds ONE small farm animal for one month
$100 – Helps provide basic medical work & vaccines for ONE cat (yearly)
$200 - Feeds ONE large farm animal for one month
$200 – Helps provide basic medical work & vaccines for ONE farm animal (yearly)
$700 – Helps provide farrier services, basic medical work, & vaccines for ONE equine (yearly)
$1,050 – Supports ALL our animals for hay for the winter (one season)

Help us reach our plans for the future:
- Outdoor natural play and interactive area for kids
- On-site outreach programs (at risk kids, special needs, and other therapy programs)
- Off-site outreach programs (nursing homes, schools, and other educational and therapy trips)
- Additional educational boards for visitors and our tours
- Add pastures for our animals
- Continue to adopt animals for our sanctuary

Thank you to our contributors and donors

Awarded Grants for 2015 & 2016

Awarded Grant for 2016