Individual Animal Sponsorship

Meet the animals of HOOF

At HOOF, our animals perform an important job in the education of the community and saving the lives of other animals through this education. By the hands on experiences they provide, they help create human ambassadors for animals through the education they receive.

A fun and rewarding way to show your support of Helpers Of Our Farm is to sponsor an animal! Our animals all come with a rescue or re-homing story: read their stories and see who you connect to most. By giving this gift of compassion, you provide feed, shelter, and care for bringing peace and comfort to that animal. Want to give a custom amount? You can do that too!

If you choose to sponsor for $200 or more, we will invite you out to the sanctuary to meet your animal! You get to take pictures, connect with your animal, and share with your friends and family. You are doing a great thing, you need to share it!

Know that your gift will help HOOF provide continued care and a sanctuary to farm animals in need, educate children and adults by creating awareness of rescues and their needs, and demonstrate through up close encounters how a rescue’s life can be re-purposed for good.

Our animals are happy to share sponsorship with several families. Team work helps us meet our goals for providing care to these special animals!

Meet the Chickens

We have a number of chickens at Helpers Of Our Farm who live out a happy life. Terry (pictured) was rehomed with Helpers Of Our Farm because the owners were moving and could not take their backyard chickens with them. All our chickens teach about a chicken’s needs when raising and things we should know when buying our eggs. Your sponsorship will care for ALL our chickens!

1 year - $650 | 9 months – $488 | 6 months – $325 | 3 months - $163

Meet the Ducks

Helpers Of Our Farm has a number of ducks we use to educate with. All our ducks now offer teaching on kindness. They love to get pet and offer a very calm experience during our teaching programs. When you sponsor our ducks, you are sponsoring all of them!

1 year - $650 | 9 months – $488 | 6 months – $325 | 3 months - $163

Meet Smokey

Smokey was rehomed at Helpers Of Our Farm because his young owner lost interest in him. He arrived in a healthy, but unkempt condition and took quite a bit of grooming to get him back to his attractive self. He now teaches parents and children about ownership responsibility.

Smokey's birthday is May, 2, 2010

1 year - $300 | 9 months – $225 | 6 months – $150 | 3 months - $75

Meet Norman

Norman has been a part of the HOOF program and was acquired by one of our helpers to work as a therapy rabbit and provide a furry hands on experience for our visitors. He has lived a happy life at the sanctuary and enjoys chewing on vegetable scraps from the garden.

Norman's birthday is April 20, 2014

1 year - $300 | 9 months – $225 | 6 months – $150 | 3 months - $75

Meet Petunia

Petunia was donated to Helpers Of Our Farm because her owner’s landlord did not approve of pigs as pets. Facing eviction unless Petunia was removed, Petunia was lovingly placed at our farm. Petunia now teaches about the importance of setting up a safe a reliable home for pigs before getting one as a pet.

Petunia's birthday is January 2, 2014

1 year - $550 | 9 months – $413 | 6 months – $275 | 3 months - $138

Meet Pinky

Pinky and Pepper are brothers and they were surrendered to an animal rescue and then adopted by Helpers Of Our Farm. They were surrendered because they were unexpected and unwanted babies. Pinky and Pepper now teach about a pig’s special needs as a pet.

Because Pinky and Pepper were not handled much before we adopted them, they are a bit shy. If you choose to adopt either of them, you may not get an up close encounter. It depends on their mood! They are very sweet boys, just a bit shy to new comers.

Pinky and Peppers's birthdays are February 10, 2012

1 year - $650 | 9 months – $488 | 6 months – $325 | 3 months - $163

Meet Hanna

Hanna was re-homed with us in 2012 from a sweet college kid who’s apartment she was tearing up. He said, “I’m pretty sure she’ll be a great mouser for you.” And that she has been. She keeps our barn clean of unwelcome guests that could potentially get our HOOF friends sick. She is a great partner during feeding time and greets me every single morning as I walk to the barn to feed.

Hanna’s birthday is June 12, 2011

1 year - $550 | 9 months – $413 | 6 months – $275 | 3 months - $138

Meet William

William has been a pet of the farm family and because of his sweet nature, he is happily a part of the HOOF program. William is always a favorite of guests to connect to because he’s so friendly and willing to get attention. William still gets lots of love as a pet, but he takes his job as an educator seriously.

William's birthday is March 9, 2010

1 year - $900 | 9 months – $675 | 6 months – $450 | 3 months - $225

Meet Coleman

Coleman was re-homed with us by a loving owner who, due to major life changes, could no longer provide a home to him. We are in love with him and he's a real kisser... but if you've never met Coleman, don't kiss back! He loves to greet you, not a fan of a lot of touching yet, but we are working on getting him used to more human contact. He likes to smile a lot 🙂

Coleman's birthday is September 21, 2015

1 year - $900 | 9 months – $675 | 6 months – $450 | 3 months - $225

Meet Rupert

Rupert was found abandoned in Mecklenburg County and saved by a rescue organization. Helpers Of Our Farm adopted him, rehabilitated and trained him, and now he teaches people, young and old, about how to treat animals with kindness.

Rupert's birthday is September 9, 2009

1 year - $1200 | 9 months – $900 | 6 months - $600 | 3 months - $300

Meet Junior

Junior was lovingly donated to Helpers Of Our Farm to be a part of our educational tours and therapy program. He is a funny and kind senior horse with quite a lineage. He is one of Secretariat’s great grandsons and his great grandmother was Fanfreluche. How cool is that?! He’s just as handsome as his great grandpa and has just as big of a heart. Junior now offers kisses and nuzzles to our guests and provides a loving neck to stroke.

Junior's birthday is May 24, 1998

1 year - $3000 | 9 months – $2250 | 6 months – $1500 | 3 months – $750

Your gift today can help to change an animal's life at Helpers Of Our Farm.
Sponsor contributions will ensure vet care, medications, feed, and hay for your chosen animal.
We proudly display your name or business name at your animal's habitat you have so generously sponsored!