• Chicken Egg-ucation (Pre-K – 1st)
    Learn fun facts about chickens and eggs. Pet a live chicken and learn about its parts. Do the chicken dance! This program will utilize two live chickens.
  • Don’t Get Eaten(1st – 5th)
    Learn about the different types of farm prey animals and the predators who hunt them. Discover the special tools these prey animals were given to survive and meet some of our live animal ambassadors. This program will utilize live a live chicken, rabbit, goat, pony, and/or llama.
  • Home Sweet Home(3rd – 12th)
    A habitat is a special home and farm animals are dependent on their owners to provide a safe environment. Join us as we learn about how to provide the best home for farm animals to help them stay healthy and happy. This program will utilize live a live chicken, duck, rabbit, goat, pony, and/or llama.
  • Sustainable Living (All Ages)
    Learn about the importance of choosing a greener approach to living and things we can all do at home to lessen our footprint. This program can be adapted for a wide-range of age groups.

For additional questions about the HOOF Mobile Farm or our programs, call 910.253.7934 or email us.