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Helpers Of Our Farm Volunteer

One of our helpful (and happy) volunteers at HOOF

There are many things that go into the workings of a farm...especially when there are animals involved. Imagine having over 50 animals and fowl depending on you twice a day, 365 days a year?! These animals depend on us and you to provide a healthy diet and a safe place to call home.

These animals also play an important role in your community. HOOF is an educational animal sanctuary and they help create awareness, educate, and provide a nurturing environment for children and adults. Some of the educational platforms the animals play a role in are the petting farm, rides, tours, and interactive fundraisers.

One way we sustain our animals is through our sustainable farm. The goats, pigs, and chickens LOVE getting the culls (ugly vegetables) for food. They intern give us healthy manure we can compost to continue to grow their food and ours. Pretty cool, right?!

We are grateful for what ever area you decide to volunteer in and hope you bring a friend along to enjoy the day! All our volunteers are very well taken care of, often getting lunch, a snack, or maybe a carton of eggs. We appreciate your interest and look forward to getting to know you!

Call us at 910.253.7934 or email at

Volunteer Spots

Thank you for considering HOOF as your volunteer home! We try to make you as much a part of our family as we can. We do understand that this is not your real home and not a real job, but we ask that you take it seriously because we do depend on you, as do our animals. If life gets in the way of your best intentions, please give us a heads up so we are prepared and can adjust our work day accordingly. We look forward to you joining us!